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Acquiring proficiency in using Facebook Ads Manager is a valuable asset for both businesses and individuals aiming to efficiently connect with their desired audience. Facebook Ads Manager offers a robust platform to craft, oversee and track advertising campaigns on the popular social media network. Having a grasp of how to create ads within Facebook Ads Manager allows you to leverage the vast user base and highly specific targeting capabilities that Facebook offers. 



Once your ads are live, it’s essential to optimise and refine them for better results. This can be achieved through monitoring ad performance, refining your target audience, testing different ad creatives and adjusting your budget and schedule accordingly. By following these steps and implementing optimization strategies, you can maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaigns and achieve your marketing objectives.

What is Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook  is a robust tool that allows users to create, manage and analyze Facebook  campaigns. It enables businesses to target specific audiences, set budgets and track ad performance. Using Facebook, you can effortlessly create and optimize ads to achieve your marketing objectives. An interesting fact is that Facebook is utilised by more than 9 million businesses across the globe.

Why Should You Use Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook offers several advantages for businesses looking to advertise effectively on the platform:

  • Targeting: Facebook Manager allows for precise targeting, reaching specific demographics, interests and behaviours.
  • Ad Campaign Management: The platform enables efficient creation, monitoring and optimization of ad campaigns.
  • Budget Control: With Facebook  Manager, you have complete control over your ad spending, setting daily or lifetime budgets.
  • Performance Insights: Gain valuable insights and metrics on how your ads are performing to make data-driven decisions.
  • Audience Engagement: Interact and engage with your target audience through comments, shares and messages directly within the Ads Manager.

Setting Up Ads on Facebook Ads Manager

Step 1: Make an account in Facebook Ads Manager.

To create a Facebook Ads Manager account, you need to visit the Facebook Business Manager website. Then, click on “Create Account” and provide your business name and email address. Follow the instructions to verify your email and create a password for your account. After successfully setting up your account, you will be able to access the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard.

Step 2: Make a Business Page on Facebook

To set up a Facebook Business Page, follow these steps:

  • Create a Facebook account if you don’t have one.
  • Click the Create button in the top right corner and select “Page.”
  • Choose a category for your business page and enter the necessary information.
  • Create a cover photo and a profile photograph that appropriately reflects your company.
  • Customize your page by adding a username, description and contact details.
  • Invite friends and start sharing relevant content to attract followers.
  • Explore the different features and settings available to optimize your page.
Step 3: Access Facebook Ads Manager

To access Facebook , you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the Facebook Ads Manager website.
  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • On the page, click the menu symbol that is situated in the upper-left corner.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose “Ads Manager”.
  • By doing so, you will gain access to the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard. From here, you will be able to create, manage and monitor your ads.
Step 4: Define Your Advertising Objectives
  • Identify your target audience and decide what results you want to achieve through your Facebook ad campaign.
  • Consider your overall business goals and align your advertising objectives accordingly.
  • Choose specific objectives such as increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, generating leads or boosting sales.
  • Create clear and measurable goals, such as increasing website visits by 20% or achieving a conversion rate of 5%.
  • Ensure that your advertising objectives are realistic and achievable within your budget and timeline.
Step 5: Set Your Target Audience
  • Understand your campaign goals
  • Identify your target demographics, such as age, gender and location
  • Define interests and behaviours relevant to your target audience
  • Utilise Facebook’s detailed targeting options to further refine your audience
  • Think about building lookalike or custom audiences using your current consumer data.
Step 6: Choose Ad Placement
  • Choose from the various ad placement options provided by Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Consider the different placements available, such as Facebook News Feed, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, Audience Network and Messenger.
  • Assess the audience and goals of your ad campaign to determine the most suitable ad placement.
  • Take into account the user experience of each placement option and how it aligns with your advertising objectives.
  • Optimize ad placement by monitoring performance and making adjustments as necessary.
Step 7: Set Your Budget and Schedule
  • Determine the amount you are willing to spend on Facebook ads.
  • Decide how much of your budget you want to allocate for each ad campaign.
  • Determine the start and end dates for your ads to run.
  • Choose whether you want to set a daily budget or a lifetime budget for your campaign.
  • Continuously monitor your ad performance and adjust your budget and schedule as necessary.
Step 8: Create Your Ad Creative
  • Choose the type of ad: Decide whether you want to create an image ad, video ad, carousel ad or other ad formats.
  • Select the ad format: Determine the layout and design of your ad, including the headline, description and call-to-action.
  • Add compelling visuals: Use eye-catching images or videos that effectively represent your brand or product.
  • Write engaging copy: Craft compelling and persuasive text that grabs attention and entices users to take action.
  • Incorporate a clear call-to-action: Include clear instructions for users to follow, such as “Shop Now,” “Learn More” or “Sign Up.”
  • Include relevant details: Provide any necessary information, such as pricing, promotions or unique selling points.
  • Test multiple variations: Create different versions of your ad to see which performs best and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Ensure ad compliance: Adhere to Facebook’s advertising policies to avoid any violations or penalties.
  • Preview and finalize: Review your ad before launching to ensure everything looks and functions as intended.
Step 9: Review and Launch Your Ad

To review and launch your ad on Facebook Ads Manager, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access your Facebook Ads Manager account.

Step 2: Select the ad campaign you want to review and launch.

Step 3: Review the ad creative, targeting, budget and schedule.

Step 4: Check if all the details are correct and aligned with your advertising objectives.

Step 5: Click on the “Launch” button to publish your ad.

Optimizing Your Facebook Ads

Optimising Your Facebook Ads When optimising your Facebook ads, it is important to consider several key factors. This section will delve into strategies that can assist you in monitoring ad performance, refining your target audience, testing different ad creatives and adjusting your budget and schedule. By implementing these techniques, you will be able to fine-tune your Facebook ad campaigns and achieve maximum results.


Let’s now explore the intricacies of optimising your Facebook ads to make the most of your advertising efforts like upskillrocket.in 

  • To refine your target audience, start by reviewing your existing target audience and gathering data on their demographics, interests and behaviours.
  • Utilise Facebook’s Audience Insights tool to gain deeper insights into your target audience.
  • Narrow down demographics such as age, gender, location and language to refine your target audience.
  • Use interest and behaviour targeting to reach individuals who are more likely to be interested in your product or service.
  • Expand your reach by utilising lookalike audiences, which target people who are similar to your existing customer base.
  • Experiment with custom audiences, such as retargeting website visitors or uploading a customer list, to reach individuals who have already shown interest in your brand.
  • Regularly analyse the performance of your ads and make adjustments to your target audience based on the data.
  • Continuously test different target audiences to find the most effective combinations for your ad campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

To create an ad on Facebook Ads Manager, log in to your Facebook account and navigate to the Ads Manager section. From there, you can select the "Create Ad" option and follow the step-by-step instructions to set up your ad campaign.

Yes, you can use Meta Pay as a payment method on Facebook Ads Manager. During the ad campaign setup process, you'll have the option to select Meta Pay as your preferred payment method.

To set up ads in French (France) language on Facebook Ads Manager, go to the language settings in your Facebook account and choose French (France) as your primary language. This will ensure that your ad content is displayed in French for the target audience.

Meta Store and Meta Quest are both features available on Facebook Ads Manager. Meta Store refers to the platform's online store functionality, allowing businesses to showcase and sell their products directly on Facebook. 

To access the Voting Information Centre on Facebook Ads Manager, navigate to the platform's menu and select the "Voting Information Centre" option. This feature provides users with resources and information related to voting and elections.